The Full Moon Club 


  • Meets on the night of every full moon, throughout the year.
  • All welcome - become a member on the night.
  • Acoustic music - no amplifiers! 
  • Now approx. 50 capacity in the Shap Fell Bothy, with gas heaters.
  • Everyone pays £1.00 per night towards gas etc. PLUS
  • A hat goes round for donations for the musicians.
  • Non-profit making. 
  • Clubhouse location:  Bothy by A6 on Shap Fell.
  • Please approach on foot. (Huge Layby 50 yards)
  • Alternative venues by arrangement when snowbound. 
  • Meetings are social events, but a programme of themes will include:
    • The Moon – myths, legends and facts
    • Live acoustic music.  (Guest musicians,  plus late session)
    • Film shows
    • Bonfire in good weather. 
    • Midnight rambling… …
    • Food and drink – unlicensed for the sale of alchohol... please bring your own..
    • Home made produce exchange
    • Wine and beer tasting night  (most nights probably...)
    • Moonshine Night
    • Storytelling Night
    • Comedy Night
    • DJ Night
    • Astronomy Night (superb horizon, low light pollution.)
    • Fancy Dress Night
    • Cabaret Night
    • Party Games Night
    • Special events for the Blue Moon

 Spice up your week nights!    Join the Full Moon Club!

 Contact:   Bill Lloyd: 01539 824008




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